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PLEASE NOTE! There is a nursery available for our Sunday Morning Worship Service
Carl Hammon's email: clhammonds@aol.com
Jim and Nancy Pennington's phone: 501-282-4395
Bobby and Jennie Rains' address: 14 Magellan Lane
November 16, 2014
Judy Hunt's email addr: jjlhunt@yahoo.com
November 23, 2014

JOANNA CIRCLE MEETING will be held Tuesday, Dec. 16th in Fellowship Hall
from 9-11 am. Mary Franks will serve as hostess. If you have questions call Mary (915-8880).
Come visit with them.

Itinerant workers will be arriving soon to work in stables and outdoors during the cold winter months.
The chapel collects clothing for those in need. Check your closets for blankets, coats and other
warm clothing for men and wormen that you would like to donate. The Mission Team will collect these
items from the Mission room during the month of October and deliver them to the chapel.
You may call Noranne Glezen (922-3565).

MOUNTAIN PINE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL students are in financial need.
They are in need of one and a half inch 3 ring binders with paper and dividers. You may drop the
notebooks in the Mission Room anytime. For more information, please Contact Frank Alkov (922-1004)
or fnalkov@sbcglobal.net.

GENESIS SINGLES GROUP enjoys lunch together each Sunday. The group
will meet in the Narthex immediately following the service to decide on a location for lunch, and then depart
following cookie fellowship. All singles are invited to join the group for lunch.
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