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Choir Rehearsals are held Thursday afternoon from 3 - 4 pm.
Dr. George Antolik challenges us to sing for the Glory of God.
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Choir rehersals are held each Thursday from 3:00 - 4:00 pm. We welcome all newcomers. Call Dr. Antolik, music director, (501-247-8108) for more information.

A solo from Cheryl Robertson to bring in the new year.

All Is Well

Selections from our December 10th Christmas Concert:

Bethlehem Wind
Steve Bernardi, Flute

Do You Hear What I Hear

All Is Well
Anna Kay Everett, Soprano

Comfort and Joy

Dr. George Antolik, Music Director

I would like to share with you this wonderful article I found on the relationship between singing in a choir and its effect on the health of the singer. I hope you enjoy it. Singing in a choir is just one of the ways God has provided to help us age better. After you read this, I know you will want to be sure and join us for choir practice on Thursdays from 3:00-4:30 p.m. We look forward to seeing you at rehearsal.

Singing for Seniors

Singing, particularly in a chorus, seems to benefit the elderly particularly well. As part of a three-year study examining how singing affects the health of those 55 and older, a Senior Singers Chorale was formed by the Levine School of Music in Washington, D.C. The seniors involved in the chorale (as well as seniors involved in two separate arts groups involving writing and painting) showed significant health improvements compared to those in the control groups. Specifically, the arts groups reported an average of:

30 fewer doctor visits
Fewer eyesight problems
Less incidence of depression
Less need for medication
Fewer falls and other injuries

Even lead researcher Dr. Gene D. Cohen, director of the Center on Aging, Health, and Humanities at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., was surprised at how big of an effect the seniors' arts participation had on their health. "My surprise was not a factor of whether the intervention would work, but how big an effect it would have at an advanced age," said Cohen. "The average age of all the subjects was 80. This is higher than life expectancy, so, realistically, if an effect were to be achieved, one would ordinarily expect to see less decline in the intervention group compared to the control. The fact that there was so much improvement in many areas was the surprise factor." The seniors themselves also noticed health improvements, said Jeanne Kelly, director of the Levine School of Music, Arlington Campus, who led the choral group. The seniors reported:

Feeling better both in daily life and while singing
Their everyday voice quality was better
The tone of their speaking voice did not seem to age as much
Easier breathing
Better posture

Dr. George Antolik